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Ability Group Pediatric Therapy

We Believe in a Family-Centered Interdisciplinary Approach Delivering Exceptional Quality Care

Welcome to The Ability Group!

We look forward to meeting your child’s unique needs in the areas of communication, fine motor, adaptive skills, feeding/swallowing, motor coordination, sensory processing, and reading/writing.


We partner with families in setting and working on goals for therapy.


Our therapists collaborate to discover new areas of research, consider perspectives from other disciplines and lenses, and serve the whole child and family. Co-treatment or consecutive sessions

with therapists targeting various areas (feeding, communication, motor skills) may be available.

We embrace diversity, growth, and change.


Our Pediatric Services

Our collaborative group of occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, educational remediation, and dyslexia services therapists have been serving families for over 25 years. Our office is a family-friendly place where siblings play, and parents interact. 

Our therapists provide training to families and caregivers, teach in the community and abroad, and provide direct treatment to children with diverse special needs in the following areas:

Occupational Therapy


Speech-Language Therapy

Stacking Blocks

Our treatment rooms and innovative equipment are designed to mirror playful activities to the child, yet the therapists are drawing upon extensive training to provide challenging therapeutic activities aimed at developing greater capabilities and skill levels.

As members of the Ability Group, our therapists benefit through collaboration, learning from each other, and mentorship of interdisciplinary providers.

A collaboration of interdisciplinary practitioners at the same location provides families with the opportunity

for coordinated care and communication between the specialized therapists that are providing care for their child.

Our therapists are nationally-certified, state-licensed, and active members and leaders of the Anchorage therapy community.

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