Welcome to The Ability Group!

Our collaborative group of occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists have been serving families for over 25 years. Our office is a family friendly place where siblings can play and parents can interact.

Our therapists provide training to families and caregivers, teach in the community and abroad and provide direct treatment to children with diverse special needs. We look forward to meeting your child’s unique treatment needs.

Now Affiliated with the Ability Group Consortium, we have Anne Hazelton an Educational Remediation Therapist.
Educational remediation therapist specializing in reading, spelling, & writing instruction for students with dyslexia, language disorders and/or school underachievement.

The Missing Links   • Phone: 907-952-7923   • Email: aemh@themissinglinks.biz

Our Pediatric Therapy Services!
Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

• Fine Motor/Handwriting Skills
• Self-Help & Hygiene
• Play & Socialization
• Sensory Integration
• Organizing & Planning their Motor Skills
• Adaptive Equipment Modifications
• Environmental Adaptations for Home & school Settings
• Oral Motor Functioning

Pediatric Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

• Receptive and expressive language disorders / disabilities
• Auditory & language processing disorders
• Articulation & phonological processing disorders
• Language-based literacy & learning disorders; language-learning disabilities
• Language, pragmatics and speech disorders of autism spectrum disorder
• Speech disorders: apraxia, dysarthria
• Alternative/augmentative communication
• Assistive Technology
• Swallowing and feeding disorders
• Language & learning disorders in children with sensory processing disorders
• Speech & language disorders due to multiple disabilities and hearing loss

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4325 Laurel Street, Suite #100 & #102
Anchorage, AK 99508

Phone: 907-569-5660
Speech Only Referral Line: 907-917-2115

Email: frontdesk@abilityots.com

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The Ability Group is a pediatric therapy clinic in Anchorage, Alaska. We offer Speech, Occupational Therapy and Dyslexia services to children.